Services : ExpertCare Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

Dependable support, maintenance, and training services for your ExpressionEngine or Craft websites for any budget or schedule.

1. Maintenance & Support

Let us expertly care for your website—so you can focus on your field of expertise & make the company grow.

How Can We Help?
  • Are you running an ExpressionEngine, Craft, or a WordPress site? 
  • Is your site in need of repairs, upgrades, site audit, general maintenance, or monitoring?
  • Does your in-house staff need technical support and  guidance?
Put Your Site Back on Track

Since 2007, hundreds of companies and organizations have trusted their sites under our experienced and expert care. We’d love to do the same for you as well. 

Contact us or call us at 646.403.4338. We're ready to help.

Jae's professionalism was extremely impressive. He has an uncanny ability to turn vision into reality.
ejaeDesign is very professional: they are responsive, work fast, they met all our deadlines and we recommend them to others.
Great collaborators, well organized, knowledgeable, and they do what it takes to push through obstacles.

2. Case Studies

See examples of clients who've checked off the to-do list, got the site back to health & back on the center stage.

Comprehensive Care

A broken site takes valuable time away from the really important things. Under our ExpertCare, we diagnose the underlying issues and fix the problems for good. Our clients have been known to breath a huge sigh of relief afterwards.

Content Marketing

Beyond site repairs, we build various tools to market your content, including rich media files. Social marketing for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other popular networks can also be added to further spread the word. 

Speed Optimization

We know site visitors hate slow loading pages, but did you know Google search now penalizes slow sites? We analyze server setup, database load, and codebase to strap a turbo-booster on your site. Get the love you deserve from Google and site visitors.

Site Expansion

Your site was always meant to take the center stage. Check off your wish list and add new sections, sliders, document centers, member profiles, and more to turn site visitors into loyal customers and fans. 

The Institute for Life Coach Training
The Institute for Life Coach Training

We became a valuable partner for this educational company, fixing errors, adding features, and collaborating on future plans

+ See Case Study
Theology of Work
Theology of Work

We improved this popular reference site's search engine to display results twice as fast and more stable

+ See Case Study
Rubin Museum
Rubin Museum

We made it incredibly easy to publish and share audio & video content for this unique and beloved New York City museum

+ See Case Study
Friends for Life
Friends for Life

We added a new gallery and icon system to highlight each adoptable dog and cat for this no-kill shelter

+ See Case Study

3. Our Experience

Caring for our clients has given us invaluable insights—let us put it to work for your site.

Invaluable Insights

Since 2007, we’ve cared for over 150 clients and 200 sites, solving problems for every situation imaginable. The insights gained have given us not only the technical know-how but an efficient process that enable us to tackle each challenge better and faster.

Dependable Stability 

No fly-by-the-night agency or freelancers here. Our current team has been together for 7 years and counting.

Comprehensive Care

No more chasing down multiple people get things done. Whether it's adding a new section, starting a social marketing campaign, or moving the site to a new server, we can tackle it under one roof.  

No Outsourcing

We often hear of cases where the people hired have outsourced the work elsewhere, resulting in poor quality with no accountability. Not with us—every single task is handled in-house and accounted for. 

We’ve helped over 150 clients in the last 10 years
We’ve helped over 150 clients in the last 10 years

4. Collaborative DNA

Work with an agency who believes in practical collaboration that’s always a two-way street.

True Partnership

Clients tell us that our collaborative nature is a big positive. We can't imagine working any other way:

  • We listen and ask questions to make sure we understand the issues you're facing
  • We offer practical recommendations with clear options and possible impact
  • We carry out those goals and invite feedback as part of our iterative approach 
Future Proofing

We love keeping track of the latest developments in social, mobile, marketing, and coding practices. We love sharing them even more, guiding you through various topics to indentify what will work for your site and what may not. 

Professional Approach

We respect each and every one of our clients as experts in their fields and beyond. You'll always find us to be open-minded, friendly, and a joy to work with.

I just can't say enough about the ease of working with ejaeDesign. They were far and away the best to work with.
Great collaborators, well organized, knowledgeable, and they do what it takes to push through obstacles.

5. Project Management

If you value proactive project management and clear communication as much as we do, you’ll love us.

Refreshingly Professional

If you've been frustrated by delayed deadlines, broken promises, or lack of communication, you'll find our dedication to project management to be a refreshing and welcomed change. 

We communicate with you every step of the way. We clarify gray areas, explain your options, guide you through the test process, and document the results.

Putting You in Control
  • You can check on each task’s progress via our online ticket-based system 
  • You’ll receive a realistic schedule and milestones whenever possible
  • You can keep track of the budget and our time spent via our online timesheet
We put each task through a rigorous process
We put each task through a rigorous process

6. Types of Clients

We work best with small businesses, non-profit organizations, educational instutions, and other agencies.

Working Seamlessly

We've been fortunate to work with clients of all sizes over the last 10 years. It taught us that no matter the size or the type of the organization, everyone works differently. 
With each new client, we find out how you & your organization like to work and make sure we fit in seamlessly. 

Diverse Range of Clients
  • Our focus is on small businesses, non-profit, and educational institutions
  • We also partner well with other creative, marketing, or web agencies
  • For larger clients and government agencies, we offer limited consultative services

7. Terms & Rates

Our plan maximizes your control over budget and allows transparency in billing.

The Behind Story

After working for agencies that billed unfairly and without transparency, we vowed to offer something better when we opened our own.

With our plan, we want to keep earning your business (one invoice at a time) while reduce overhead and paperwork. See the key terms to the right. 

Key Terms
  • Purchase a pre-paid "block" of 30 hours minimum
  • Hours never expire and carry no min/max spending for any time period
  • Time is tracked on 6 min. increments and recorded immediately after each task
  • Any unspent hours (except for the first 10 hours) will be refunded with no questions asked

per hour


per block


tracked increments


on any unspent hours
(after the first 10)

What is it like to work with us?

The Century Foundation

Working with ejaeDesign on custom design and coding for our site has been economical and highly beneficial.

John Baronian, Director of IT and Web Services


I just can't say enough about the ease of working with ejaeDesign. They were far and away the best to work with.

Scottie Assay, Director of Marketing

Life Coach Training

ejaeDesign has added enhancements to our site that have made it into a much more friendly and useful place for customers.

Amy Jones, Assistant Manager