Blog : ejaeDesign v.3 launches

ejaeDesign v.3 launches

ejaeDesign v.3 launches

After a long overdue, our new site finally launched last week. Here are some technical highlights.

We added many of our best practices into the site, taking advantage of latest add-ons, template partials technique, and more. A few features include:

  • Responsive front-end based on the Gumby Framework
  • Multi-config development environments (local, dev, stage, and live)
  • Git-based version control pushed to and deployed by
  • Template partials using Stash elements and lists
  • Template morsels for cached optimization
  • 3-tiered automated backup (EE, server, remote)
  • Typekit driven web typography

As with all of our client projects, we also commit to having every single piece of content be editable via control panel -- say no to hard coded content!