Blog : Introducing our new TotalCare Maintenance Plan

Introducing our new TotalCare Maintenance Plan

Introducing our new TotalCare Maintenance Plan

We're really excited to roll out our new service called TotalCare Maintenance plan. It provides a comprehensive and dependable support for your ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS site, all with a flat monthly fee.

Why We Created the Plan

From all the way back in 2007, when we opened our company, we loved working for clients with existing websites. Sometimes they had bugs that could not be fixed, features that needed to be added, and plans to talk over. 

In working with over 160 websites in both ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS, we learned a lot about what clients liked and didn't like about the service they were previously getting. 

Our new plan is designed to answer as many of those challenges as possible. 

Getting Dependable Expertise

Rather than a retainer or an hourly rate, our TotalCare plan has a flat monthly fee. This eliminates the need to always request & calculate for estimates. 

The plan covers wide-ranging issues that a typical website needs (see here for the list). This gets rid of the worries where a bug or an issue won't be fixed even after a fee has been paid. 

For the clients who are continuously making changes to their website, the plan also includes unlimited site enhancements and CSS-based style changes. 

Is the Plan Right for Your Site?

It will be great to find out if it is. We think the best way to do so is with a call (and perhaps a screen share). Simply email us at, schedule an online meeting with our scheduler, or simply give us a call at (646) 403 4338.